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Explicitly Pro-Life

May 20, 2022

Leading up to the passing of the now Texas Heartbeat Law, we were constantly hearing lies from the abortion industry about what a nearly abortion-free Texas would look like. They claimed women would lose their jobs, their “rights,” and that they would die from back ally abortions. But now, after almost 9 months since the Texas Heartbeat Law has taken effect, we know this couldn't be further from the truth. It comes as no surprise to the Pro-Life Movement that women still have rights in Texas, they are thriving and successful, and they are not dead in the streets from illegal abortions. Don't let the abortion industry fool you, reversing Roe v. Wade and protecting human life from the moment of conception is better for women & all human lives than the violence of abortion. Tune in this week as Kristan Hawkins discusses the truth of what a Post-Roe Texas actually looks like with Dr. John Seago, Legislative Director for Texas Right to Life.