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Explicitly Pro-Life

Sep 1, 2023

Join me behind the scenes during our Standing With Her Sunday National Simulcast that was live-streamed to dozens of churches and hundreds of small groups across the nation! Our goal is to equip the church to respond to the crisis of abortion because far too many women who seek abortions attend church regularly but still state they do not feel they have support.

In this episode, I speak with 3 of our special guests:

  1. Toni McFadden, Pro-Life Activist & Speaker or Author of Redeemed: My Journey After Abortion

  2. Kayla Kessinger, HER Plan

  3. Kaya Jones, Grammy Award Winning Artist

Tune in to hear their incredible stories, why they came to Standing With Her Sunday to speak, and how YOU can make an impact for preborn lives and mothers in your church.

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