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Explicitly Pro-Life

Dec 8, 2023

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, the pro-life movement encourages women and families to seek life-affirming resources that don’t include abortion. Some life-affirming resources for parents that are unable to raise their child include Safe Havens, foster care, and adoption. While reforms are needed to better the foster care and adoption systems, these programs are still helping families who want to have children become parents and – most importantly – giving the chance for preborn babies to experience life.   


On today's episode, Kristan Hawkins sits down with Dr. Jacqueline Brown who is a clinical psychologist turned Christian fiction writer. As a psychologist, she specialized in working with women and girls who experienced trauma and entanglement with the criminal and juvenile justice systems. She is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. She is blessed to have been gifted her children through adoption and loves speaking about the beauty of adoption. 


They discuss the most pressing questions about the foster care system, adoption, and how to improve both those pathways for children.


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