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Explicitly Pro-Life

Aug 10, 2022

It's the definition of gaslighting to tell a woman (or man, friend, or grandparent...) that their regret over abortion is not REAL. It's very real. And it's normal to feel remorse, confusion, regret, doubt, and a host of other negative emotions after participating in the killing of an innocent child. Those in the abortion lobby claiming otherwise are gaslighting the public. If you're experiencing the pain of abortion, organizations like Support After Abortion & Rachel's Vineyard are here to help.

The abortion lobby often uses a bogus study called the "Turnaway" study in an effort to backup their claim that abortion regret isn't real. As you might expect, the Turnaway study is full of holes — and in this episode of How To Win This Week, we debunk that study and draw attention to some integral research finding the opposite: That abortion induces regret and causes psychological harm to those involved.

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