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Explicitly Pro-Life

Jun 10, 2022

Women are amazing — their bodies can literally grow new people! But for a woman who wants to be a mother but experiences fertility troubles, it can feel like her body is at war with her heart. Science offers a whole host of "assisted reproductive technologies" in these cases, but not all of them are life-affirming choices. And there are many options that are ethical and effective but not widely advertised.

In this episode, pro-life speaker and author Stephanie Gray Connors will take us through the pro-life positions on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other a range of other medical options for fertility and women's health. Gray provides tools to help determine whether a fertility treatment is ethically problematic, and how to engage loved ones in discussing this intriguing but sometimes emotional topic.

Find Stephanie's new book, Conceived By Science: Thinking Carefully and Compassionately About Infertility and IVF, on Amazon. More questions? Reach out to her at