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Explicitly Pro-Life

May 5, 2023

Are you tired of hearing media narratives that claim the Pro-Life Movement is losing ground in America? In this episode of Explicitly Pro-Life Podcasts, Kristan presents ten compelling proofs that the Pro-Life Generation is gaining momentum and winning in America. From kicking out fake pro-life Republican incumbents to changing the hearts and minds of abortion supporters, Kristan showcases the impactful work being done by pro-life advocates across the country. Don't miss this eye-opening episode that debunks media myths and reveals the true state of the Pro-Life Movement in America.

Join us at the National Celebration Life Day:

Here are 10 proofs that life is winning in America.

#1 | Pro-life voters kicked out more fake pro-life Republicans than even at the peak of the Tea Party wave.

#2 | We’re making progress in changing the hearts and minds of abortion supporters.

#3 |  Governors who signed Heartbeat Bills enjoyed election success in 2022, while candidates who flipped flopped or were unclear in their positions lost.

#4 | Governor Ron DeSanits BROKE GOP party fundraising records just days after signing Heartbeat Abortion Protection Act 

#5 | We’re accomplishing state victories.

#6 | Where Life sits federally.

#7 | There’s a small silver lining surrounding the past year’s lost battles.

#8 | Discussing what happened in Nebraska.

#9 | Discussing what happened in North Carolina.

#10 | We reversed Roe v. Wade!

It’s the time to push as hard as we ever have to ensure preborn babies are safe in our nation.


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