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Explicitly Pro-Life

Jan 12, 2022

The hypocrisy of the Left 's claims about men having an opinion on abortion is at an all-time-high. One minute they are begging men to support legal abortion, and the next they are screaming "no uterus, no opinion,"at pro-life men. It is clear that they believe only pro-abortion men should have a voice... But the truth is, ALL MEN have a voice when it comes to abortion. Abortion has become a tool for men to be lazy, abusive & manipulative, and the pro-life movement knows that this is WRONG & women deserve better. Tune in this week as Kristan Hawkins reacts to a video of a man forcing the woman he got pregnant to get an abortion against her will, and how this disgusting act 100% backs up our point that only allowing pro-abortion men to have a voice about abortion, is extremely hypocritical.