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Explicitly Pro-Life

Feb 16, 2022

Roe v. Wade is coming to an end and the abortion industry knows it. They are desperately trying to codify Roe & enforce abortion protections in every state. Students for Life & Students for Life Action wants you to be informed about your home state so you can help us fight back on the abortion industry's attempts to keep Roe alive & abortion access high. Which is why we created a map that highlights what post-Roe protections for preborn babies looks like state by state. So, check out this map and see what your state playing field looks like so you can join us in protecting LIFE starting at conception! Remember, politicians work FOR YOU and we are responsible for holding them accountable to create just laws for ALL. Tune in this week to hear Kristan Hawkins give our marching orders in preparation for a true Post-Roe America.